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- The exhibition "I Love Lego" arrives in Rome



Palazzo Bonaparte in Rome hosts "I Love Lego", the spectacular exhibition for children and fans of all ages.
I Love Lego presents very small scale reproductions of fantastic worlds: from the frenzy of the contemporary city to the legendary adventures of pirates; from medieval landscapes to the splendors of Ancient Rome in a faithful reproduction of the Forum of Augustus; from the conquest of space, to the suggestive reproduction of an arctic landscape to arrive at the surprising scenario of Liberation.

- The exhibition "Canova. Eternal Beauty" arrives in Rome

UNTIL MARCH 15, 2020

Palazzo Braschi in Rome hosts "Canova. Eternal beauty": a spectacular exhibition-event dedicated to the link between the famous artist and the capital which, between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, was the forge of his genius and an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

- In Rome the exhibition "Frida Kahlo - Chaos inside"
From 12 Oct to 29 Mar
An exhibition tribute to the famous Mexican artist

From 12 October 2019 to 29 March 2020, the spaces of SET - Tirso Events Space - host the great exhibition-event "Frida Kahlo - The chaos inside", which explores the inner world of the artist, highlighting the brilliant sensitivity, the transgressive strength and the profound thoughts of one of the most loved and famous female icons of the twentieth century.

- Modà are back in concert - FRIDAY 20 MARCH 2020

Palazzo dello Sport - Palalottomatica
Piazzale dello Sport,
00144 ROME (RM)

15.00 € - Standing Parterre
69.00 € - Gold Numbered Grandstand